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April 11 – Day 10: Gideon

Read it- Judges 6-7

Live it- Today’s reading opens with our unlikely hero Gideon hiding in a winepress, trying to process some wheat for food. He was full of fear and saw himself as weak and powerless against his cruel Midianite oppressors. Imagine Gideon’s surprise when God called him a valiant warrior because He knew the plans and knew He was going to deliver Israel through Gideon. After much back-and-forth discussion with God about his lack of qualifications, Gideon finally believes the LORD is with him, prepares for battle, and wins the victory.

Like Gideon, how often does the Lord speak His plan into our hearts, and we immediately begin to disqualify ourselves? We see our weaknesses and choose to listen to fear that whispers “Don’t risk it; stay safe.” All the while the Lord is telling us to live our best lives, trust Him, and bravely press forward in His strength. Just as the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with power for battle, the Holy Spirit lives in us to empower us to do His work today.


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