Focus314 Church

April 3 – Day2 : Victory Redefined

Read it- Philippians 1:12- 3

Live it- Victory through trial, pain, or persecution might sound like an oxymoron. However, the Kingdom works very differently than the world. Victory for God can often look like defeat in the moment from our limited earthly perspective. 

The easiest example of this is Jesus’s death on the cross. What looked a lot like defeat was actually victory. Paul understood this, which is why in our reading today we can hear joy and victory in his writing even though he is in prison for preaching the Gospel. I love how the last verse in this section describes the ultimate victory by Jesus Christ.

I believe this is an amazing section of scripture for us to keep in mind throughout this Binge the Bible season as we can look at our lives through this scripture. No matter what trials or pain we might be facing, there is VICTORY. Victory through scripture, victory through prayer, victory through Jesus Christ.

-Ps. Ben