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April 4 – Day 3: Victory in an encounter with God

Read it- Genesis 32 & 33

Live it- I have always loved this scripture because as a wrestler, I know how hard defeating an opponent in a wrestling match is. I saw the section starting at 32:22 as the greatest wrestling match of all time. 

There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Before the wrestling match, Jacob was afraid that his brother was going to attack him. He was living with a spirit of fear, and he was so focused on the fight that he thought was coming that he wasn’t focused on what God was having him do in the present.  After the wrestling match, we see he has been changed by an encounter with God. His name is now Israel. He walks with a limp, and he is focused on making peace with his brother and with God. Making peace is Victory.

This section is a great example of the victory we can have through an encounter with God. As you read this section, ask yourself, “How has an encounter with God changed me?  How is God changing me?  What is he teaching me now? And finally, am I making peace with others?

-Ps. Ben