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April 6 – Day 5: Moses

Read it-  Exodus 14-15:21

Live it- One of the hardest situations that my family and I have ever faced was when my wife Cassandra was diagnosed with cancer. When the doctor gave the diagnosis, I felt cornered, like there was no way out. I felt hopeless. 

I imagine this was what the Israelites felt when they were cornered by the Egyptians with no way out. Just like them, all I saw was a big sea that could not be crossed. 

At that moment I had a choice to make:  Do I continue to operate in fear, or do I trust God and  call out to him?  I decided to call on God because I knew that He had the power to split that sea in two and heal my wife, Cassandra. A lot of times we forget that God is able. He is ready to fight for us and lead us into victory. All we have to do is lift our voices and lift our hands to Him. He will hear our cry and deliver us!

-Ps. Franky

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