Focus314 Church

Day 10

Day 10: Ephesians 4:1-16

I used to work a few weeks every year in Orange County, California. The first time I went there, my boss warned me about the Santa Ana winds. He told me that they are strong, warm, dry gusts of air that can exacerbate wildfires.

One day when I was working outside,I could see wildfires in the mountains nearby. My co-workers who lived in the area told me that even though ash was falling from above and landing on my clothes, there was nothing to worry about! Their assurances didn’t help my worries, but I felt better each time I went back. That was because when I returned, I was always surrounded by my co-workers who knew what they were talking about because they lived there. I wasn’t alone.

The winds of life can be destructive, but God never intended for you to withstand them on your own. Whether you get hurt, experience the death of a loved one, struggle with an illness, or work through a family crisis, God wants you to go through these periods with the support of your spiritual family.

The scripture you read today should serve as a reminder to you that you have a church to support you through whatever it is you are facing. It should also remind you that you are an important part of that support system. We are here to pray for you, encourage you, and support you so that you aren’t tossed and blown about as mentioned in the scripture we are reading today. As you continue to grow, you can help others grow by praying for them, encouraging them, and supporting them as they grow.

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Pastor James