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Day 11 Jesus’ Ministry (Judea) Luke 13

Read it : Luke 13

Live it : 

This chapter of Luke can teach us a lot about how to live out what we are reading. We learn that things that may seem small to us can actually make a big impact. We also learn that faith, even as small as a mustard seed (which is so small you can hardly see it), can help others. Additionally, we learn that a small amount of yeast can permeate through the dough.

What can you start doing to help those around you? Start small, with something as simple as smiling at someone or offering an encouraging word when it’s needed and progressively do more. 

Derek Redmond was favored to win the 400-meter race in the 1992 Olympics, but about halfway through the race, his hamstring tore, and he fell to the ground in pain. As he lay there and the stretchers were prepared to come out and help him up, he decided to get up and try to finish the race. As he was hobbling trying to finish the race with a torn hamstring, a man came up behind him… that man was his father. His father said, “You don’t have to do this.” Derek said, “Yes, I do,” and here is how his father responded: “Well then, we will finish this together.” His father wrapped his arms around him and helped him reach the finish line. Everyone has a race to run. Who can you come alongside and encourage today?

Ps. James