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Day 15

Day 15: Ephesians 1:2-23

In today’s world, there are a lot of voices that surround us. A lot of people claim that they have the truth. People say “do this in order to be happy,” or “do this in order to feel loved.” Everyone is looking for the truth. In today’s reading, we will see spiritual truths that we should keep deep in our hearts.

One of the spiritual truths that has impacted my life is knowing that God loved me and chose me to be His son. I am a product of a broken home where there was no father. My heart always longed for a Father. I lived life without direction. I felt alone with no place to call my own. But one day I heard this spiritual truth: God loved me and chose me to be His son. After hearing that, I felt such an amazing joy to know that God loves me not only as His creation but as His son! I finally found where I belong. I pray that as you read today that God will silence the lies, and that his voice will speak truth in you. I also pray that you will find the truth that your soul is seeking.

Pastor Franky

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