Focus314 Church

Day 15

Read it: Proverbs 27:17Genesis 22:1-19

Live it:  

Today’s reading takes us through the story of Abraham and his son Isaac. We see that Abraham was asked to give away one of his most important relationships, to sacrifice his son on the altar. I can only try and imagine what Abraham was feeling in that moment. How scary that must have been for him.  

Abraham is counted as a hero of faith in the Bible. Why? Because he was determined to say no to his fear. He had to quiet his fears and tell fear no. He had to say yes to God. When he did that, he didn’t gain faith; instead, his faith was revealed, and his son was given back to him. 

On Day One of our Binge the Bible plan, Pastor Darren challenged us to write down a relationship we are thankful for. Then, last week we were challenged by Pastor Franky to visualize those relationships being taken away. Today, we get to visualize gaining those relationships back. Use this opportunity to set the fear of losing those relationships aside and say yes to gratitude to God!

Do it:

Think about the relationships you are grateful for, the ones that were taken away. Now, visualize those relationships being given back to you as a gift. How grateful are you for the gift of them? How are you going to communicate that gratitude to them? 

Pastor Jessica