Focus314 Church

Day 18- The new covenant through Jesus

Read it: Luke 23:26-48

Live it:

Easter may have already come and gone, but I believe the death and resurrection of Jesus is not something that should only be celebrated once a year. It’s something we need to get excited about every day, every hour of the day.

Maybe we don’t dwell on it enough; maybe we don’t talk about it enough. The fulfillment of the new covenant was painful. It took sacrifice, and it was something that Jesus knew he was going to have to go through.

Our reading today is focused on the sacrifice that Jesus had to make to establish the new covenant. It includes Jesus crying out and giving up his spirit. By his wounds, we are healed. Aren’t you thankful for the freedom we have through the sacrifice of Jesus?

But it came at the cost of the innocent. Our scripture ends with even the man who was overseeing the execution saying Jesus was innocent. You and I are not innocent. We don’t owe our freedom to something we have done; we owe our freedom and our lives to God, so reflect today on how are you going to respond to that freedom? How are you going to respond to that knowledge?

Ps. James