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Day 21- Closing

Read it: Revelation 11:15, Revelation 19:6-9

Live it:

Our first scripture reading today allows us to take comfort in knowing this truth: Jesus Christ will reign forever and ever! Our second and final reading shares an amazing scene where God’s people are praising him and his people give him a gift. That gift is described as them giving their good deeds. Those good deeds are represented by pure white linen.

We spent yesterday talking about the free gift that he wants to give us. Today is your day to respond. Have you ever tried to give someone a present and he/she responded with “No, thank you, I’m good”? What a horrible thing to do, right? It grieves God’s heart when we do not receive the free gifts he wants to give us.

I have received that gift, and I know he was delighted in me. You may be reading this, and you are not letting him delight in you. He wants to give you the gift of salvation, the gift of his spirit, the gift of joy, the gift of peace, the gift of healing, the gifts of ministry, the gifts of prophecy, the gifts of evangelism, and/or the gift of the fulfillment of your prayers. Open the gifts he is offering you and walk in those gifts today. I want you to look over that list (or maybe there is another gift that God is putting on your heart). Identify one or more gifts that you need to accept, and I want you to accept the gifts God wants to offer you.

We believe that no one should walk alone, and the tangible response that I’d like you to take is to let us know what gifts you are accepting, opening, and beginning to walk through. You can text the staff at Focus Church by texting 480-658-0501 with your name and the name of the gift you are accepting. A staff member of the same gender will respond and connect you to resources that will help you with that.

Maybe you are still dealing with issues of stress, shame, or the strings you think go along with accepting the free gift. We have a prayer team that wants to pray for you. Simply let them know by going to and submitting a prayer request. Take time right now to pray to God and ask him how he would like you to respond and do it today!

Ps. James

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