Focus314 Church

Day 4 Passover & 10 Commandments

Read: Exodus 12:1-42; 19:1-20:21

In yesterday’s reading we discovered that God has a plan for his people. The Israelites (descendants of Abraham through Isaac) had gone to Egypt to escape the effects of famine. They were in Egypt for over 400 years and became slaves of the Egyptians. Their slavery became more and more burdensome. They began to cry out to God for deliverance. God sent Moses to lead the deliverance. Because of the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart, gaining deliverance was no easy task. Through a series of miracles (plagues) God brought Egypt to its knees. Exodus 12 is about the institution of PASSOVER. This is a celebration to commemorate the fact that God spared the Israelites from the loss of their firstborn, while the Egyptians suffered the loss of all their firstborn. This was the last of the plagues and the Israelites were driven out of Egypt.

Two months after the Israelites were driven out of Egypt, they came to Sinai. During a series of excursions up the mountain by Moses, God gave the Israelites a “code of conduct.” We know it as the Ten Commandments. You will find these commandments in Exodus 20. These commandments are the basic rules of conduct as we relate to God and to each other.

– Ps. Rodney