Focus314 Church

Day 4 – The First Covenant- Failure

Read it: Genesis 3

Live it:

In today’s reading, we see the beginning of the downfall of humanity. Sin occurs because humanity wants something other than God. The serpent tempts Eve with the fruit that God has said not to eat. He tempts with power, knowledge, and godlikeness. It would be easy to say that we are tempted by the same things: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life (1 John 2:16). But something deeper is going on here.

The covenant God made with Adam was to love and protect his world. But, he chose not to do that. As a student growing up in church, I always assumed Adam was off doing something. Then, Eve ate the fruit and later gave some to Adam. But, the text is clear; Adam was standing right there. Now Adam, being the perfect gentleman, allowed Eve to eat the fruit first to see what would happen. Just like every male lets his girl walk through the spooky house door on Halloween in order to see what will happen, so does Adam!

Nothing happened! She ate and did not die. Adam ate and did not die … right away. But something else happened that they did not expect. They died the death of purity. Shame entered. They were naked before the eating but not ashamed; they are ashamed now. It is the death of purity.

This death brings four areas of loss: 1) Loss of relationship with the animal kingdom – now they are afraid and so are we; 2) Loss of relationship with the environment – no matter how much we try, we still destroy that which was entrusted into our care; 3) Loss of relationship with each other – now we cannot see each other. Everyone is wearing a mask, afraid to let anyone know who we are because we will never be accepted. Adam looks in Eve’s eyes and sees lack of trust. Eve looks in Adam’s eyes and sees love replaced by lust; 4) Loss of relationship with God. Now God is “out there” and not “right here.” Now, we cry out to God and wonder if he hears. We call on his name, but no answer is given. Is there any hope for us?

Come back tomorrow and hear the hope God gives.