Focus314 Church

Day 5

Read it: Matthew 6:16-18

Live it:

Jesus is teaching about fasting in our scripture reading today. I love that in this verse he uses the word “WHEN.” Verse 16, when you fast. It’s not “if” or when you feel like it, but “when” you fast. He is expecting his followers to fast. Earlier in the chapter he uses the same word to say when you give to the needy. So fasting is as basic to Christian life as giving to people in need.

Fasting helps us move our focus directly on God. You aren’t doing it for others or to fit into that pair of jeans from high school. We fast to know, love, and worship God.

As you read today’s passage, take time to ask yourself if fasting is a given in your life. Is it as basic to you as praying?

Ps. Jessica