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Day 6- The House

Read it- Philippians 3, Hebrews 11:1, 1 Corinthians 3:11 NLT

Live it- 

Sola Fide reminds us that salvation is received solely through faith in Jesus Chris. Paul begins our scripture reading today telling us his goal is to safeguard our faith.

That is because our faith is the foundation of our Christian lives. In the past I remember watching this house for a few years as it sat in really bad shape. It was worn down and falling apart. I thought it was going to be demolished. 

At some point, for whatever reason someone just stopped taking care of it. Imagine my thrill when I started noticing that it wasn’t being torn down, but work was taking place to rebuild it. 

You know what? God is like that. We are all broken down in some way or another. Sometimes it might even feel like things are so broken there is not a way to rebuild. But that’s not how God sees you. He’s in the business of taking broken lives and rebuilding them. But, He wants you to have faith in him first. Our final scripture reading today reminds us that Christ is the foundation of our faith. Any attempt to build upon a different foundation will not stand. 

Pastor James

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