Focus314 Church

Day 7 Choosing a King

Read: 1 Samuel 16-17

In day 6’s reading, we went through Judges and saw how important it is to have leaders that Follow God. In today’s reading, we see God telling Samuel to go and find a new king because He has rejected Saul. Israel needed a new king, one who would follow God passionately enough to be called a man after God’s own heart. This passage shows the process of finding this king and gives us insight into how God sees us.

We as people have the habit of judging a book by its cover. This is shown as Samuel is looking at Jesse’s sons. God tells us that people may focus on outward appearances, but He focuses on the Heart. And the youngest and smallest of the sons is picked and throughout this reading, we see That his heart for God is what truly sets him apart.

As we read through this passage ask yourself if you are judging by outward appearances or by their heart

-Ps. Ben