Focus314 Church

Day 9- Abraham

Read it: Genesis 13:16, Genesis 15:16, Genesis 17:6, Romans 9:9, Galatians 4:23

Live it:

We are going to break down the promise of descendants today. This promise has two parts:

They will be numerous “like the dust of the earth” Genesis 13:16, a nation, “in the fourth generation your descendants will come back here” Genesis 15:16.
Leadership and nationality– “I will make nations of, and kings will come from you” Genesis 17:6. Later, God renews the covenant with Isaac and Jacob; interesting that although Abram had other sons, including Ishmael (Genesis 16), and six sons with his second wife Keturah (Genesis 25), it was through Issac “son of promise” (Romans 9:9 & Galatians 4:23) that the promise of the covenant was fulfilled.

Ps. Gary