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Day 9 Jesus’ Ministry (Judea) Luke 11

Read it : Luke 11

Live it : 

Jesus’ teaching on Prayer

As God he was prayed to; as man, he prayed.

 In Luke 11 we see the disciples asking Jesus to teach them to pray. Jesus gave them a model to follow that has become one of the best know and most often repeated prayers in the Bible, The Lord’s Prayer (v. 2-4). Even people who claim to not know scripture, can probably recite this powerful prayer.

 This is good until it’s not. When we can say the words without thinking about their meaning we are like the religious leaders Jesus condemned by quoting Isaiah the prophet, “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain: their teachings are but rules taught by men” (Matt. 15: 8-9).

 Jesus went on to encourage his followers to ask, seek and knock and it will be given to them. The caveat here is that our prayers must be Holy Spirit directed so our hearts desire things beneficial to our spiritual growth.  

 How will you choose to pray today?