Focus314 Church

April 18 – Day 17: Deborah

Read it- Judges 4&5

Live it- I remember the exact moment I laughed at God when the calling came to become a children’s pastor. I was under qualified and afraid of leading kids to Jesus. So often we ask ourselves how to know and understand what God’s calling on our life is. We fear people won’t listen, that we may fail, and we aren’t equipped for the role. That’s when the doubt and fear starts to creep in. We retreat back into our comfort zone and allow our feelings of qualification keep us from stepping into the role God has for us. 

Deborah doesn’t question God’s voice, or wonder what others will think or say. She simply has faith to do what God tells her. It is of no concern to her if people follow her; she is only concerned with what God has called her to do. Her confidence is legendary! 

Spend some time today tuning out the voices of fear and ask God to reveal the plan He has for you. 

-Ps Jessica