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April 19 – Day 18: Habakkuk

Read it- Habakkuk 3

Live it- Have you ever wanted to ask God, “If You are in control, why do You allow evil to triumph so often?” How can You, a just God, ignore injustice? Why do You allow the wicked to prosper? Can You, a good God, use evil to accomplish your purposes? If so, you can identify with Habakkuk, a prophet of God who lived in Judah during a time of rampant sin (not unlike our world today) and who asked God these very questions. The victory for Habakkuk comes in today’s passage when he looks beyond his present troubles and suffering, recognizes “the Sovereign Lord is [his] strength” and chooses to ”rejoice in the Lord and be joyful in God [his] Savior.”

What a model of living by faith for us to follow. Just like Habakkuk, we can each live in victory as we replace fear with trust that God is working all things together for good according to His plan.  One day, in His time, He will remove evil forever.  I hope this encourages you to walk joyfully in His strength today.


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