Focus314 Church

April 21 – Day 20: Bold Victory

Read it- Acts 4:1-31

Live it- The story of Peter and John before the council shows victory in spite of opposition. There are so many things I love about this story, but one verse that is very special is Acts 4:13 where the council members recognize them as people who know Jesus even though they seemed like ordinary men. After they pray for courage, the Holy Spirit helps them “preach the word of God with boldness.” This is one goal I have for my life. I want people to see me and say, “That guy KNOWS JESUS.” 

As we read this section, we recognize that we live in a culture that doesn’t want more than a surface-level relationship with Jesus. They are fine with Him being a moral teacher or even a prophet, but as soon as we proclaim that He is more than that, we receive opposition. We need to be bold in our faith, bold in our prayer, and bold in our preaching of the Word of God. 

After reading this section, pray for boldness and courage with me: “God let me be bold and courageous in my faith. Help me to be someone people recognize as someone who knows You wherever I go. I know You will always be with me so let me proclaim You are Lord without timidity. In Jesus’ name amen.”

-Ps. Ben