Focus314 Church

Day 10

Read it: Philippians 4:12-13Jonah 4

Live it: 

Losing the past experiences that we are grateful for is a concept that’s hard to wrap our heads around because some of these experiences helped turn us into who we are right now. We read in our passages above Jonah gets upset because he did not want Nineveh to be saved. Jonah was so focused on his personal biases that he was not able to appreciate what God was doing. He wasn’t able to be grateful that God wanted to use him to save a city of 120,000. I think if Jonah had gone through this exercise we are doing through Binge The Bible, he would be grateful for that experience.

Writing from prison, Paul said that he had learned the secret of living in all circumstances, whether he had everything or nothing. Jesus was all he needed, so as we reflect today and you cross out those memories that you are grateful for, remember that you have Jesus. 

Do it:

Think about the past experiences that you are grateful for. Review the list that you wrote down on Day 3. Now, visualize the memories or tangible items from those experiences being taken away from you. How would you process that? What support would you need? What would you need to do about it? 

Pastor Ben