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Day 11- King David

Read it: 2 Samuel 7:1-17

Live it:

The word covenant does not appear in this passage, but from what we have heard from Pastor James, Carl Vanderpool, and Pastor Gary up to this point in this series on COVENANT, it is clear that this language is the language of covenant. The covenant with David is not separate from the earlier covenants but is an addition to those covenants.

It is interesting to note that when God makes a covenant, the terms are based on his promises, standards, and regulations. The benefits of such a covenant are dependent upon people’s obedience, trust, and faithfulness to God.

The specific terms of the covenant with David are found in verse 16 of today’s reading. David’s throne would be established forever, ultimately fulfilled with the coming of the Messiah, and David’s son would build the temple that David desired to build.

God keeps his promises. Solomon, David’s son, built the temple and expanded the kingdom of Israel. What promises has God made to you? List them. Believe that God will keep them.

Ps. Rod

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