Focus314 Church

Day 12 Birth of Jesus

Read: Matthew 1:18-2:12 & Luke 2 & John 1:1-18

In today’s reading, we walk through the birth of Jesus from three different perspectives. The Bible shows us that God uses different perspectives to communicate the gospel.

You can tell an accountant wrote Matthew’s version, not exactly a page-turner. But we shouldn’t dismiss Matthew’s perspective for its lack of dramatic flair, instead that he understood the most important thing: Jesus was born to save people from their sins. There’s no need to pump up a fact like that!

Next, Luke’s account is taken from the angle of a screenwriter. His account of Jesus’ birth makes for a good movie. The dilemma of the star couple (vv. 4-7), the comedy of the confused shepherds (vv. 8-12), and the grandness of the angel choir (vv.13-14).

Matthew and Luke begin their account with genealogy but John takes a different approach. In the first sentence, John reveals his hook, that Jesus is Christ, the Son of God and that in Him is life. John uses the story of Jesus’ birth to ensure we know who He truly is.

Today, think of someone in your life who needs to hear who Jesus is and how you will use your own perspective to tell your story.

-Ps Jessica