Focus314 Church

Day 13

Read It:
Job 37:1-5, Ezekiel 43:2, Amos 1:2, Revelation 10:3

Live It: 

One of the statements that you will hear at Focus Church is “We love God out loud because God loves us out loud.” The power of God is unfathomable, the power of God is unmistakable, and the power of God is LOUD. 

Over and over again, we can see that scripture will use the word ROAR to describe the voice and power of God. These are important reminders for us. Is God kind? Of course. Is God compassionate? Yes. Is God patient? More than we deserve. Is God loving? Absolutely. 

But that does not mean that we should forget the power of God. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and he is perfect. We need a healthy reminder of how powerful God is and a reminder to live in a healthy respect and honor of the power of God. The ROAR is like an alarm clock to remind us of how powerful our God is. 

Pastor Darren