Focus314 Church

Day 14

Read It:
1 Kings 19:9-19

Live It: 

We live in a noisy world. It’s filled with loud people and things. Things like arguing over different social issues or worries that seem to demand all of our attention can distract us from what is really important. I think most people expect God to be loud like that, too. The Bible has described his voice like thunder. However, I think that more often He sounds like he does in this passage.

Here, God’s voice is described as a whisper. I think if we are so focused on the loud things like the earthquakes, the wildfires, or the roaring winds, we can miss what God is trying to say to us. But, this is why I love Christmas time. This time of year can be chaotic if you focus on the hustle and bustle. However, it can also be a much-needed quiet time of peace. So my challenge to you is this: find a quiet time or place, read the Bible, pray, and spend time with God. I like to wake up just a bit earlier and sit next to my Christmas tree with a cup of coffee and my Bible. I find that it is easier to hear God whisper in those moments. I hope that you can also find those moments this season and that they bring you peace as well.

Pastor Ben