Focus314 Church

Day 13

Day 13: Service 

Read it: Matthew 20:26-28

Live it

I think I would be hard pressed to find someone that serves absolutely no one else. Generally we do something for other people throughout the day- even if it’s practicing common courtesy at the very least.  But that begs the question: is completing an act of service the same as living in the Spiritual Discipline of service? I would suggest it is a heart issue. What is the motivation for you to serve? Is it for others to see you in a certain light, is it to not bother the status quo of your workplace, is it to keep the peace in your home? If what is motivating you to serve is personal gain, or self-righteousness- this is the wrong motive. True service overflows from your deepening relationship with God.

Today I would challenge you to pause a moment and ask God to show you any areas you may be serving that are self-righteous, then ask for a new way to serve today.

Ps. Jenni