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Day 13 Jesus’ Ministry (Judea) Luke 15

Read it : Luke 15

Live it : 

This Chapter of Luke has three parables that deal with how much God loves all of us. It starts with Jesus being judged for associating with tax collectors and sinners. He enlightens the Pharisees by telling parables. As you read these Parables reflect on how much God loves you, and how much He loves others and wants a relationship with them.

The first story is the parable of the lost sheep. This story not only shows God’s amazing love for us by showing an example of how he pursues us. It also shows us how we should react when another person is saved. The second story is much like the first just to really help us understand.

The third parable is one of the most well-known, it is the story of the prodigal son. As you read this parable think about how much your heavenly father loves you and others no matter how far we stray.  

Ps. Ben