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Day 14 I am a friend of God

Read it: John 15:15
Live it:

The beautiful thing about being children of God is that we get to have a personal relationship with our creator who listens and cares for us. For years I was thought to fear God, but it was not in a healthy way. I was taught that God was a being with fire in his eyes, ready to smite sinners. What I’ve learned through the years is although he is all-powerful, he is also full of love and slow to anger. He is God of all, but he is also our Father and our friend.

He chose us to be friends with him! How awesome is that? Jesus is always ready to listen to us and will lead us with a loving hand. He will always be there for us on our darkest days. He will never fail us. So if you ever feel like you’re walking this road alone, remember that Jesus is your friend and wants to walk this journey with you. He knows your pain and anguish. He knows what’s eating you up. He is simply waiting for us to make him our friend.

Ps. Franky

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