Focus314 Church

Day 14- Spend Different: How do I give generously?

Read it: Acts 20:25 & Luke 21:1-4 & Luke 6:38 & 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

Live it:  

Being generous is one of the most rewarding things we can do as human beings. There is something deeply fulfilling about being a joyful giver. But it isn’t always easy! In a world that values material possessions, it takes practice and intention to cultivate a generous spirit. There are a few simple practices you can start with today to become a generous giver. 

  • Shift your mindset. Changing how you view the world can change everything. Realizing that the world is a place of abundance makes it so much easier to spend what you have in generosity.
  • Give without expectation. Learn to give freely without the expectation of receiving something back in return. Simply give for the joy of contributing, with no strings attached.
  • Lead by example. One of the biggest ways you can be a generous giver is to impact future generations to give with joy as well. If you have kids, let them see you giving. You can also lead in your workplace, community, and social circle. Let the world see you be a generous giver!

I encourage you today to read the verses;  then, pick one of the practices mentioned and start with it today!

Ps. Jessica