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Day 14: The choice to live generously

Day 14: The choice to live generously

Read it: Matthew 6:34 & Matthew 5:43-47

Live it: 

What if I asked you to make a list of your closest friends? How long would that take? Now, what if I asked you to add in your extended friends? A little more time to write? Now, what if I asked you to add all of your Facebook friends? Might be a while…Now, what if I asked you to flip that paper over and make a list of your enemies? Would it be quick? 

Today, we read a command to love our enemies. It is easy to identify people in our friends’ circle, but it’s often so much more difficult to name enemies. I had a co-worker at a previous job who made my life so incredibly difficult. I loathed coming to work while she was there. If I had to make a list of enemies, her name might just be cut. But instead of enduring the suffering of that person’s company, I changed my mindset and decided to show her love, regardless of her actions. I didn’t see a miraculous change in her, but what I did see was a change in my thoughts. 

God is calling us to live differently. To be the opposite of what the world tells us to be to our enemies. To show love to our enemies and pray for those who hurt us. That’s hard, but it’s what God has done for us. 

Be intentional and generous today. Even if it’s just a “little enemy” (like that co-worker who drives you crazy), you should decide to show him/her love today as a different response. 


Ps. Jessica

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