Focus314 Church

Day 15 – God has Gifted You

Read it: Romans 12:1-8

Live it: I remember a while back I bought a new phone to replace a phone that had lots of issues. The ringer didn’t work, the speakers didn’t work properly, and it wouldn’t charge correctly. When I got my new phone, I realized I was using it as if it were still my old phone. I had it on silent most of the time. I used headphones instead of the speaker, and I kept it close to a charger at all times. 

I had a new phone, but I was stuck in my old ways. Think about your life. Think about the gifts that God has given you? He has given each of us way more than a brand new phone. These gifts are described in the reading today.  

Sometimes we recreate the chaos of our past life in our new one. As you are reading today’s scripture, ask yourself this question: Will you embrace the new life He has for you and utilize the gifts God has given you, or will you recreate the chaos of your past and go your own way?

Ps. James