Focus314 Church

Day 16 – A Living Sacrifice to God

Read it : Romans 12:9-21

Live it : I absolutely love the way this section starts. We must love the people around us if we are going to be living sacrifices to God and live the way He calls us to live. In the last section, Paul talks about our specific gifts and how we should use them. And then in this section he says to use them with love. This is not the only time he does this. In 1 Corinthians 12 & 13 he speaks a similar message: Using your gifts to serve the Lord and others is good, but without love, it falls flat. So we should Live as God has told us to, with love for the people around us even if they are our enemies. Because they will know that we follow Christ by the way that we love.

As we read this section, let us remember to be living sacrifices to God by living the way He wants us to and doing it with Love for God and others.

 -Ps. Ben