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Day 15 Jesus’ Ministry (Judea) Luke 17

Read it : Luke 17 

Live it : 

Jesus teaching people about forgiveness is simultaneously encouraging and challenging. Imagine debating the expertise of Babe Ruth giving you batting instructions or Whitney Houston coaching you on hitting that high note. But we cannot debate Jesus and forgiveness. 

When someone wrongs us, the call is clear: if they repent and ask for forgiveness, we must grant it. The instruction is simple, yet difficult to follow, as we often seek retribution before forgiveness. 

But let’s not complicate Jesus’ instructions in any area of our lives and live in the freedom that is forgiveness, even if another driver blows you a kiss after cutting you off (ask PS Darren about that story of his…).  Jesus is the BEST example, so let’s follow it. 

Ps. Jessica

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