Focus314 Church

Day 16 I am salt and light to the world

Read it: Matthew 5:13-14
Live it:

If you are reading this today, you have something to give. If you are following Jesus and doing your best to live like him, you have something to give. You are saved enough, you are holy enough, you are ready enough, and you ARE enough because you bring a pinprick of light in the darkness of the world that cannot be snuffed out.

Do not let the troubles and worries of this world tell you otherwise; take captive of those thoughts and be reminded today that you bring the flavor to this bland world. What you have, as a child of God, permeates to your classmates, co-workers, family members, friends, and strangers.

There is no way to hide your light, so why fight it? Be purposeful and share what makes you bright and salty today- Jesus!

Ps. Jenni