Focus314 Church

Day 17 I am a citizen of heaven

Read it: Philippians 3:20 & John 18:36
Live it:
Have you ever met someone who is not a citizen of any country? I have. I never fully understood the significance of my citizenship until that moment. Citizenship is so much more than just a piece of paper; it is a part of who you are. Whether we realize it or not, our citizenship influences our culture, priorities, and life choices.

Today’s passages talk about Jesus’s kingdom and the citizenship that we have in it! It’s not an earthly kingdom with IDs and paperwork, but a heavenly one!

When we know what our God-given identity is, we know we are citizens of heaven. There is always a place for us, no matter what this earth may throw our way.

It is a kingdom unlike any other kingdom, where people who may otherwise have nothing in common become united under one Lord– Jesus! The American suburban family, the German university student, the Kenyan village elder, and the Japanese factory worker all united under one banner, one place.

You are a citizen of the greatest kingdom on earth. Don’t forget it!