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Day 16: The choice of two visions

Day 16: The choice of two visions 

Read it: Matthew 6:22-23 & Matthew 9:36 & Romans 1:16-17

Live it: 

One final time we are challenged with the choice of two visions. How do you see the world? How you see the world is such a fundamental attribute of a life of generosity. 

Do you see a world that is lacking? If you do, it is very difficult to let anything go. You are more likely to hold on to anything and everything you can, afraid that you will never get anything again. 

Do you see a world of abundance? If you do, it is so much easier to let go of anything. You don’t have to hold on tightly to anything because you know that there is always an opportunity to receive at any time. 

Do you see people as hostile towards God? Then, it might be very difficult to share your faith with anyone. You will be fearful of how they will respond. You might be more apt to keep your faith to yourself. 

Or do you see people who are simply confused? They might be hostile, but that is because they are so confused by what the world is teaching. They are lost and confused and need the saving grace of Jesus, just as much as you do. 

How do you choose to see the world?

Ps. Darren