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Day 17: The choice of two masters

Day 17: The choice of two masters

Read it: Matthew 6:24 & Matthew 5:13-16 & 2 Corinthians 9:11

Live it: 


Have you ever been cooking and added a little too much salt? How easy was it to get the overly-salty flavor out of the food? It is so hard!  Have you ever experienced a power outage and you found yourself in complete darkness not being able to see your hand in front of your face, but when a single match was lit, you were able to see all of the details of the room you were in? Matthew 5:13-16 uses salt and light as an analogy to explain what our faith should do. If you have faith in God, it will fill all the spaces and light up all of the darkness. There is no way to de-salt or un-light the space. If your faith is present, the generosity of your faith will be present. 

In fact, 2 Cor 9:11 doesn’t say if we are followers of Christ that we may be made rich in order to grow our generosity. It says you will. If you are a Christ follower, your salt and light (faith) is already showing. If your salt and light (faith) isn’t showing, are you a truly Christ follower?

Would you take some time today to consider whether your faith is generously showing and to ask God where you can be more generous with the sharing of your faith?

Ps. Jenni