Focus314 Church

Day 16- The new covenant through Jesus

Read it: Romans 5:12-21

Live it:

The First Covenant is where Adam and Eve lost everything for us. We now live in a world where death and loss is normal. Parents die, and we mourn. Our pets die, and we mourn. We are under the curse of the First Covenant, also known as being under the First Adam. We are born with Adam’s loss and continue to live in these broken relationships in every area of life. Is there anyone out there who can help us? Is there any solution to this horrible process of death?

Paul compares the First Adam to the Second Adam, Jesus. The First Adam’s failure made life horrible. The Second Adam made life worth living. The First Adam lost us from Paradise. The Second Adam gave us back the Paradise Lost. The First Adam brought death and pain and loss and general dissatisfaction with life. The Second Adam brings life and joy and love and peace and general satisfaction with this live and hope for a better life in the next one!

So, the question is Which Adam are you living under? Are you living under the First Adam with all the problems and attitudes of pain and loss? Or, Are you living under the Second Adam, with a positive outlook, hope for tomorrow, and help for today? Now is the time; today is the day to start living under the Second Adam with all the benefits that come from Him! May today be the best day of the rest of your life!