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Day 15- King David

Read it: 2 Samuel 9

Live it:

God’s covenant with David motivated him to be a promise keeper and risk taker. David had been attached at the hip with Jonathan, the son of King Saul. In today’s reading, David wants to do something for the house of Saul for the sake of his friendship with the late Jonathan.

David learned that Jonathan had a son, Mephibosheth, who was lame. David invited him to come and live in the palace and eat at his own table. David restored the property of King Saul to Mephibosheth and commissioned Ziba to take care of the property for Mephibosheth. This kindness was a result of God’s kindness to David.

Who needs your kindness today? Make a list and choose from that list someone to whom you can show extraordinary kindness.

Ps. Rod

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