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Day 16- Trusting God’s Word

Read it- Genesis 2:4-3:2 NLT

Live it- 

Luther believed that only the Scriptures should be the authoritative voice for the believer. As Pastor Gary said, this is not to do away with tradition or councils or other theological works. But, in our everyday life, Luther believed the Scriptures provided all the instruction and life we needed to live a pleasing path for God.

So, what does today’s reading have to do with Luther and Scripture? Before we answer that question, there are a couple of other aspects we need to mention. This is not about how Adam was made first and Eve came second. This is not about marriage– although we could focus on that, too. It is not about how God gave Adam a job to do, although this is part of the story.

The question I want to explore is where did Eve get the command of God not to eat the fruit and not to even touch it?  Adam and Eve are in the Garden, enjoying a perfect relationship with each other, taking care of the animals, and eating any of the fruit they wanted without gaining any weight! It was a perfect place. All God told Adam was not to eat the fruit (2:15-16). 

Explore with me that God speaks to the man not to eat. This happens before Eve is created. So who told Eve the command? There are two possibilities: God or Adam. If God would have given Eve the command, why would He change it for her? That seems to point to Adam as the giver of the command. If Adam did it, why would he change the command? Could it be that in Adam’s great love for his bride, he wanted to protect her? If he could scare her into not even touching the fruit, she would be protected. Instead, Adam opened the door for temptation. In his love, he went beyond the revelation of God and opened the door for the Serpent to tempt Eve.

Imagine with me, the Serpent hears her words, grabs the fruit and does not die. Eve’s doubt about God and Adam is now at the point of eternal faith. Does she trust her eyes or God’s word?

Luther around 500 years ago had the same dilemma: would he trust God’s word or trust something else? He chose Sola Scriptura! Which will you choose today?