Focus314 Church

Day 17

Read It:
Psalm 40 vs 7-8[ Hebrews 10:5-7 & Luke 22:42]

Live It: 

This Psalm and its fulfillment is all about God’s will. I know that I want to have the attitude of Jesus in Luke 22:42. However, many times I find myself making plans for the future and getting excited but forgetting to ask God about it first.  Or, sometimes, God will tell me his will, but I find myself hesitating. It is at moments like these that I am reminded of a few different scriptures. Proverbs 16:9 says that I can make plans, but the Lord determines my steps. And John 3:30 says that I must decrease and He must increase. In reading these two scriptures, I find that it is much easier to do God’s will because His will is perfect and pleasing, and He has ordered my steps. By choosing His will over mine, I am becoming more and more like Jesus. Try to remember to always ask God what His will is, and try to be like Jesus when He answers.

Pastor Ben