Focus314 Church

Day 18

Read It:
Psalm 109 [vs 4 Luke 23:34, 2 Corinthians 5:16-17 ]

Live It: 

There is a famous saying that states “People will always remember your one mistake, not the thousand good things you did to them.” Sadly, this statement is true in the world in which we live. Cancel Culture is still around and kicking. Do or say one thing wrong, and you’re canceled! The sad truth is we all have a past, and some of us have (or had) a bad reputation. There were things said and actions taken that were not the best, but these things have not hindered us from meeting our Savior. Once we meet the savior, we’re no longer canceled. We were made his children and part of his family. Like it says in our reading today in 2 Corinthians, we are made a new creation.

Let us remember how far we have come and how the Lord has saved us. Give glory to God for we are no longer condemned. Let’s remember that the world may see our past, but God has blessed our future, and we have been made new! People in this world don’t say who we are, God does! 

Pastor Franky