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Day 17 Jesus’ Ministry (Jerusalem) Luke 19

Read it : Luke 19

Live it : 

The story of Zacchaeus is a beautiful example of God’s grace and redemption. Zacchaeus’ response to Jesus’ invitation is changing lives even today. But what I love the most is when Jesus doubles down on the offering of grace and redemption with the parable of the ten coins. To summarize this parable, three people were given coins. One person was given 10 coins, another 5, and the other 1. Both people who were given 10 and 5 coins doubled their coins. The person who only received 1 coin did not double their coin because they were “afraid”. But we see the king’s response to those who doubled their portion. “Well done, my good servant”

What has Jesus given you to multiply?

Your gifts and talents are all meant to be multiplied. Let’s not allow fear to keep the things God meant for us to double.

God’s grace and redemption is multiplied when we multiply our gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God.

Ps. Rafael

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