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Day 18 Jesus’ Ministry (Jerusalem) Luke 20

Read it : Luke 20

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The Authority of Jesus Questioned

In the previous chapter of Luke, we see all eyes on Jesus as he triumphantly enters Jerusalem. After throwing the money changers out of the temple, He begins to teach the people who hang onto his every word. The jealous teachers and chief priests challenge Jesus’s authority to teach by asking for his credentials. When he stumps them by answering their question with a question that they cannot answer, they send spies in to try and trap Him in some arrestable offense.

As Jesus recognizes His time is growing short, he issues one final public warning to His disciples and all those listening to Him to “Beware of the teachers of the law” (v. 46). Why? Because these leaders were full of pride and self-promotion. They wanted glory for themselves rather than behaving in ways that brought glory to God.

We each need to search our hearts and ask ourselves: on whom are we focusing ourselves or God? What is one thing you can do today to focus more on God?