Focus314 Church

Day 19

Day 19: Ephesians 5:22-6:9

Putting together furniture or a project with my husband is stressful. I am the teammate who wants to follow the instructions step by step. I have all pieces and parts accounted for and lined up perfectly. He, on the other hand, likes to challenge himself by trying to put it together using his imagination. You can see how these moments don’t always turn out so great.
Today’s reading shows us an instruction manual for putting together a God-centered marriage. When we live it out according to God’s design, marriage can be wonderfully fulfilling. That doesn’t mean following the manual guarantees an easy, problem-free relationship. There’s no such thing! Marriage takes work, sacrifice, and a whole lot of grace.
God has a plan for our marriages, and when we align ourselves with that plan, we begin to experience the spiritual, emotional, and physical oneness we are designed to enjoy.

Pastor Jessica