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Day 19: The choice to trust God

Day 19: The choice to trust God 

Read it: Matthew 6:28-30 & Matthew 17:20

Live it: 

Faith is POWERFUL! Our scripture for the day proves it. Faith can move mountains, give Hope by reminding us that God loves us, or show us that nothing is impossible with God. The problem is that we have so little faith. It’s natural.  We live in a world where faith seems to be decreasing every day. 

However, we can fight that decrease by being generous in our faith. In Matthew 6 we are shown that God provides. Has God provided for you? Share that experience with someone who needs to trust God. I think the reason we don’t normally share is that we don’t want to talk about the times we were weak or needed help. I know it can be hard for me as well. But the Bible says that it is in our weaknesses that we can see God’s strength. So to show you how encouraging it can be, I’m going to tell you a story. 

After I graduated with a degree in Theology, I wanted to go into ministry; however, no one was hiring because it was 2020.  I ended up working three jobs to help put a roof over my wife’s and daughter’s heads. I lost one of the jobs– then another, and we had to rely on God to provide for us. But that is when I heard Focus Church was looking for a Youth Pastor. God provided when I was scared and worried. Even now, I have learned to rely on God’s provision as we look to find a home. Everyone says my generation will never afford a home; however, I know God will provide when the timing is right. I share this story to encourage you to share a time when God provided for you.

Ps. Ben