Focus314 Church

Day 19

Read it: 2 Corinthians 9:6-9Job 42:10-17

Live it: 

This story of Job is such a beautiful example of God’s faithfulness. Job’s pitfalls of life were tremendous, and my heart is saddened for his loss. My heart is also saddened whenever I read of the many natural disasters, famines, and wars afflicting our world today.

But God was faithful to Job, and he will be faithful to us as we navigate this treacherous world. We may have troubles, we may lose our possessions, we may not see what God is doing, but we know who has already won the battle. 

Do it: 

Think about the material possessions that you are grateful for, the ones that we visualized taken away in week 2. Now, visualize those possessions being given back to you as a gift. How grateful are you for the gift of those possessions? Will you do anything differently now? Do you treasure those material possessions more or less? 

Pastor Jenni