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Day 2- Adamic Covenant

Read it: Genesis 1

Live it:

Our great Creator made the world and everything in it. Consider all the wonderful stars, animals, water creatures, and birds, how full of beauty and life are given to these. However, one being was specially created to have a unique relationship with Yahweh. Humanity is that special being with whom Yahweh desires to communicate. Humanity was created in the Image of God. Many have attempted to explain this term. One common characteristic that all believe in is the ability to communicate with other humans and with God.

In Genesis 1:26-30, God gave a covenant to Adam of what his responsibilities and purposes are. These purposes are called creational purposes. God called humanity to multiply and fill the earth. So far it looks like humanity has done solid work in this area. We have almost come to a problem of overpopulation. The second purpose focuses on care of the earth – having dominion over both earth creatures and land. Humanity has done well in this area but still has not done the best it could.

How could we do a better job of fulfilling this aspect of the Adamic Covenant? How can we “save” our world and cause it to produce food and life for all living creatures? Could it be that Christians should be the “greenest” people on the earth? Please understand this is not a political statement; it is a statement of God’s call for us to make the earth productive and healthy at the same time. Have any ideas? Why not “live it” today?


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