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Day 1 Introduction

Read it: Genesis 1:26-28 , Genesis 17:1-7, Exodus 19-242 Samuel 7:8-16

Live it: 

A covenant involves working alongside someone to accomplish a goal together. In the biblical 

sense, it is a partnership with God where God offers promises, and the other person or community makes commitments–a true partnership. During this Binge the Bible, we are going to examine covenants of the Bible by looking at Old Testament covenants that involved individuals with whom God entered into a covenant. These were covenants and not contracts. 

Our study is going to be full of people not being able to hold up their end of the commitment, but it’s not like there’s just one or two humans who have failed to hold up their commitment. In the story of the Bible, everyone (except Jesus) has failed to hold up his/her part; that’s why we have sin in our world. Because of this sin, God created a new covenant with us, so we are going to end the study by looking at how Jesus created a new covenant through his sacrifice. 

Ps. James

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