Focus314 Church

Day 2 – God’s Judgment

Read it : Romans 2

Live it : Judging others comes so easy to us humans and often gives us a feeling of superiority because we say to ourselves “I would never do, say, or behave like them.”

In today’s passages Paul addresses this very issue with the Jews and Gentiles of his time,reminding them that when we pass judgment on others, we are condemning ourselves when we do the same thing.

God is patient and kind and desires that we turn away from sin so He can bless us. However, Paul warns there is a day of anger coming when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed, and we will each be judged according to what we have done. Our choices of who we serve–God or our evil desires–hold eternal consequences of life or death.

Is there something in your life you need to repent of today? Nothing pleases God more than repentant and obedient hearts that He can reward on the day of judgment.